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 [Tuto] How to add a custom music in your tracks ?

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[Tuto] How to add a custom music in your tracks ? Empty
MessageSujet: [Tuto] How to add a custom music in your tracks ?   [Tuto] How to add a custom music in your tracks ? Icon_minitimeVen 2 Nov - 9:24

JumperJack a écrit:
hello - here's a tutorial to get custom music in your track, including the I3D-tags.

NOTE: all programs used in this tutorial is freeware!!

Step1: choose your song you want to put behind the track
Step2: If it's on a CD, download [url="http://www.mgshareware.com/frmmain.shtml"]FreeRIP[/url]. [continue to step4]
Step3: If you've got a .mp3 file, download [url="http://audacity.sourceforge.net/"]Audacity[/url]. [continue to step5]
Step4 [FreeRIP only]: put the CD in your PC and open the CD in FreeRIP. Select the file you want and go to "Rip". Then select "Rip to .ogg".
Step5 [Audacity only]: open the .mp3 file in Audacity and select the option: "Export as Ogg Vorbis".
Step6: Download [url="http://www.winamp.com/player/"]Winamp[/url], and open the .ogg file you've got now.
Step7: Go to the option "View File Info". There is, if it's right, the name of the artist, song and album. The 'comments'-section is empty. Write whatever you want in the comments-section (not too long) and press "Update".
Step8: Close Winamp (the file is already saved now) and open Internet.
Step9: Open the TMU-launcher and go to Help > Custom Data > Custom Music. Select the .ogg file you've got now. He'll save the file as a .mux file now in this folder: My Documents\TrackMania United\ChallengeMusics.
Step10: Go to My Computer > Extra > Folderoptions, and make sure the "hiding of well-known extensions" is OFF!! so when you've got a word-document, it shows like "document.doc" in the list!!
Step11: Open a program like Wordpad or something (a very simple text-editor).
Step12: Save an empty file as a .txt file. He'll ask you that the standard layout will be lost, ignore that.
Step13: Close Wordpad and go to [url="http://www.fileden.com/"]FileDEN[/url] and register yourself.
Step14: Select the .mux file from the ChallengeMusics folder, and deselect the "create [[IMG]] tags"-option at the left side of the screen. Press "Upload" after that.
Step15: If it's alright, There'll be a list with files you've already uploaded, with the .mux music-file on top. Right-click on the .mux file and press "Save link as".
Step16: Open the empty file in Wordpad again and paste the link of the .mux file in it. Then save the file as "musicfilename.mux.loc" (when the songname is "musicfilename.mux"). Save this file ALSO in My Documents\TrackMania United\ChallengeMusics!! (You've created a locator now!!)
Step17: Open My Computer and go to the ChallengeMusics folder. Double check if the file-name of the Wordpad-file is xxx.mux.loc, and not something like .mux.txt or .mux.loc.txt, because then it'll not work!!
Step 18: Open TrackMania United and open your track. Select the MediaTracker icon and choose "Add Custom Music". Select your song in the list and save the track.

NOTE: Be sure to place the link that is in the locator-file (the link to your music-file at FileDEN) is in your author comments of the track too, for the people who are not connected to the internet while playing, or just have got a very slow internet connection Wink

-JumperJack- © Wink
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[Tuto] How to add a custom music in your tracks ?
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