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 [BC3] : GSR vs DviL (Round1)

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[BC3] : GSR vs DviL (Round1) Empty
MessageSujet: [BC3] : GSR vs DviL (Round1)   [BC3] : GSR vs DviL (Round1) Icon_minitimeDim 20 Juil - 22:57

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Match-Report GSR vs DviL (BC3 R1)

We went into this match as heavy favourites, but, as we don't take leagues THAT serious anymore, not all that well prepared, Loko and me had trained quite heavily, although i too had some shortages especially on Bay and Coast. With us were driving tcq and Mike, Mike asuming that he would be needed only at one or two maps not really fit on most of the maps, so i can imagine the match was to be a bit if a torture for him, so first af all a very big GG for pushing yourself through with that!
Tcq is heavily loaden with streess in university at the moment with almost daily exams, so we could not expect him to have trained all that much either. And as well as mike he did not really expect having to drive all maps. But as it's good old DviL-Tradition Kimi didn't show up for the match, and neither did any of our „new member“ for whom we mainly take part in the BC at all. Some of them had timely and good reasons for absence (Countdown i.e) others not (Mc-Novem...).
So we were to drive once again with a minimum squad of 4 more or less trained drivers.

First map to pwn on was

Rally 5:0 for DVIL

It became obvious qutie quickly in the long warm-up that GSR would not have much hto hold against us here. One or two drivers could at times keep up with Loko and tcq, but as Rich and Ludo were mostly to find batteling with Mike for the last place, a battle Mike lost most of the time too, finishing up to 4th, and leaving GSR the honors to come last, and tcq and Loko delivering nice and constant times as well, there was not that much Yoda and Quent could do. Oh and then there still was that small Mini driving somewhere in no-mans-land, untill it decided it wanted some company and waited for Loko to join it for the last 2 rounds. All in all an absolutely undangered victory with always 2 Dvils in front and a nice mix after them.Interesting sidenote : Mike managed to finish his 5 rounds in 5 different positions, coming in 4,5,6,7 and 8, though not in this order. Rarely seen that.

Next mext map though should prove to be quite a different story and was going o stretch the nerves of certain players to the absolute limit, as we went to the

Desert 5:0 for GSR

I knew from the trainings that this track could be very chrashy, and Loko proved me right already in the first round, messing that up completely and finishing almost 10 seconds behind his best times. Tcq gave me hopes on the other hand with a very nice and clean run to finish second only behind me. Mike's run was predictably crashy too, having not really seen the track much, and leaving him to finish close to Loko in second to last place. That meant we had scored a 1,2,7,8 finish and so came to start desert with a draw. What followed was one of the most embarrasing performances we've ever produced i think, timing it ALWAYS right to either lose the run, or score more draws, in total we managed to get home 4 draws. 3 of them with the incredibly annoying „bracket“-1,2,7,8 finish. To be fair to GSN they did a good job on desert having mostly 3 drivers in good times, and although we just should not have lost in that manner we can't really complain that much about losing overall, because GSR really did do their job on this track whereas we clearly didn't. But the manner of our loss defied believe, which brought me right to the verge of losing my nerves, and tcq was once agian the one who had to suffer for it, being in Skype with me, he had a frontrow seat of me getting slightly annoyed and getting to the end really pissed off, i just wanted it to be over after another two draws in a row that we could have so easily won if only... Well again sorry for the slightly foul language that left my lips at times, but i just hate losing and especially in this manner.. Well in the end GSR brought it to an end, and celebrated their deserved victory.

Which gave them hope for the next track, that was to be fought in the

Bay 5:1 for DVIL

And as if i wasn't shocked enough, tcq managed to rise my annoyance levels even more when he managed to crush my hopes for a better race right before the first wu, when he uttered a question which i just did not belive to have heard correctly, having expected the four of us to be at least halfway decently trained on Bay:

„Should i go right or straight on at start?“

At that point i really was about to snap, which reflected in my driving which was really not what i wanted to do in the first laps. But tcq proved to be a true fighter when he managed to get from „not knowing the way at start „ to „driving really really good times“ in just under 3 laps, really impressive achievement tcq!
Having seen that, my mood rose consideralby, and with it did my times fall, i finally managed to deliver my expected times. Mike had a bit of a rollercoaster going on in Bay having quite decent times followed up by really heavy crashes and vice versa.
It should also not remain unmentioned that GSR kept their good shape they showed on desert. They really were a considerable opponent on bay with many good times shwon by many of them. But the absolute and undisputable matchwinner of Bay was Loko with a mesmerising succesion of truely great times, with just one exception to prove the rule in round 3 where he somehow managed to finish last. Added to that the blackout i suffered and it became the only lap we lost, having to endure another draw in the next lap, but then returning firmly on to the winning road to the finishline.Not one of our alltime great races there, but we kept our dignitiy. So with again a much raised spirit we moevd on to make the victory clear on

Stadium 5:0 for DVIL

Here we should have had a fully trained lineup with Kimi and tcq, but as Kim dropped out Mike had to jump right in cold with never having seen the track before i guess.
But for once in this match all went according to play, so GSR saw Loko and me knocking of the 57s ond 58s lap after lap, tcq often closely behind us, when Mike was struggeling to get to know the track, but achieving great improvements there, his last lap being faster than the supposedly trained GSR-Sopors. Sopor drove aparently so under his expectations that GSR was lead to stretch the rules a bit (putting it very nicely) and replacing him with Quent for the last run. But not even that clearly illegal action didn't change anything for them so that we could celebrate a well deserved clean victory after a very good team-effort.

So having the overall victory in the bag, we moved in high spirits on to

Coast 5:1 DVIL

And our performance there was nothing to dampen our mood either with Loko and tcq alternating to win the laps and Mike and me scoring very nice runs too we could really drive to a relaxed win. The only thing that bothered me a bit in the first rounds was Mike's car. Us all finally being very closely together in most of the runs meant just one drawback: In many of the first runs i found my camera stuck in Mike's car, leaaving me to admire his very nicely fitted car interior but unfortunately crashing in any walls available all the time. That helped me to a lot of bad scores in the first runs, so i decided to make use of the „hide enemies“-feature also known as „the O-Key“. And from then on it went like smearing honey into Keira Knightley for me. I know the „O-Key“ is a bit of a downer in terms of fun and team-feeling, but it REALLY can improve your performance. Added to that was Loko knocking of some really impressive runs towards the end, and still a very consistent scoring by Mike and tcq and the last 4 rounds went straight home to victory.

So in the end a nice 4-1 Victory leaving us in quite a comfortably position in our group.

Finally i produced stats for all the maps, please watch them or i won't bother for all the work again next time :p
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[BC3] : GSR vs DviL (Round1)
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